World of Warships

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World of Warships  also known as World of Battleships is free to play naval strategy game developed by Lesta Studio. World of Warships comes as the third game in battle games series published by Wargaming. Other popular games in the series include: World of Warplanes or World of Tanks. There is a system that allows players to share items between all 3 “World of” games. Like the other 2 games, World of Warships has a wide selection of customizable vehicles (ships). Battle maps have realistic scenarios and blend in several aspects that force players to constantly develop new strategies. Important 20th century naval wars served as source of inspiration for the developers.

There is no predefined winning strategy. Sometimes whether changes like rain or storms on the sea require a major strategy rethink. There is little room for fantasy in a realistic free to play MMO like World of Warships. Players will fight on a variety of maps set in the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean. World of Warships graphics are as close to reality as possible. Players organize themselves in battle groups (teams) and fight against each other. Clans are World of Warships guilds. The game has full support for clan battles. The clan that wins a confrontation gets to control a part of the map. World of Warships oceans are divided in multiple regions controlled by clans. Credits are a type of currency won by playing the game. New ships, upgrades and customization options are unlocked with credits. World of Warships premium currency is called gold. Premium users get certain advantages like better rewards from winning matches.

When it comes to ship variety, World of Warships is just like an RPG game. Players have lots of different warships to choose from. German, US, British, Japanese, Russian and many more ship types are available. Vessels can be categorized based on their functionality in: light cruisers, battle cruisers, heavy cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers. All ship models are inspired by real ones. A ship has several attributes: armor, endurance, speed and firepower. Players can purchase various upgrades to boost a ship’s performance. World of Warplanes, World of Tanks and World of Warships players can clash in one big terrestrial, air and naval conflict thanks to a Wargaming system that allows player interaction across all 3 games. World of Warships shares certain similarities with World of Tanks and World of Warplanes when it comes to team damage and crew system.