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World of Tanks is popular MMORPG shooter developed by Wargaming.Net. World of Tanks occupies a unique genre in MMO games. This award winning game great MMOFRPS experience with simulation of military and tank combats. World of Tanks received an award by the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most simultaneous players on any one MMORPG server. World of Tanks has a huge and active community, and workds with a dedicated development staff releasing regular updates and new content every month.

World of Tanks currently has 6 different nations, including: America, Soviet and German. Each nation has their own unique set of tanks, all of which are historically accurate based on their World War II counterparts. Each tank in each nation also has a unique appearance, including camouflage options and other decal such as national flags.

World of Tanks is all about strategy, skills and tactics. There are a countless vehicle types to choose from: Heavy Tanks, Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Tank Destroyers and Self-Propelled Guns. Each tank type must be played in a totally unique way, with each tank being built for a specific purpose. Each unit has another unit they're exceptionally strong against, but there's also always another unit that is exceptionally difficult to kill. Although each tank type has different mechanics and tactics, the main difference lies with the Self-Propelled Guns. These are long-range artillery units that prefer to stay on the edge of the battlefield supporting the Medium and Light Tanks. They do this by having a unique bird's-eye-view of the battlefield, allowing them to spot enemy tanks and then attempting to guess their movement pattern. Every single unit in the game has different armor mechanics, with certain tanks having a specific weak-spot while others are built to survive attacks from anywhere but the rear. The in-depth strategy and tactics required to master World of Tanks is easily one of the primary reasons the game has been so successful.

World of Tanks comes with a variety of other exciting features such as Clan Wars: numerous high stake tournaments and a various maps for your support and enjoyment. .