Urban Rivals

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Urban Rivals is an MMO card game developed by Acute Games. This virtual trading game has a unique urban street gang setting. Urban Rivals comes with multiplayer and single-player game modes.  You can choose your challenges; play against friends or virtual opponents.

In Urban Rivals, players have access to a deck with twelve cards. You are free to arrange your twelve cards any way you want.  The gameplay is easy to learn, pay attention and follow guidelines. At the start of Urban Rivals, four random cards are picked automatically out of your deck, and then they’re compared with four random cards from rivals (friends or virtual opponents). You will then pick out card out of the four chosen random cards. The winning card is the one with the highest attack stats. You can use Pillz to boost your attack stats and win more duels. In addition, Pillz offer you some tactical options during the game, as other players can’t see how many Pillz you have left. Players receive a specific Pillz’ amount at the beginning of the game, and they can manage it as they wish.

Urban Rivals gives players a starter kit that contains eight cards, in order to join the game and build up your reputation. You can expand your portfolio and improve it by purchasing or exchanging with the community.