Rail Nation

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Rail Nation is very unique strategy MMO game. It is a train simulation game that features the American rail system over a timeline of six eras. in Rail Nation, players can start by picking one of two factions: the Western Pacific Railroad or the Eastern Atlantic Railway. Each of the two available factions battle for the full control of the continent’s rail system. Once you start the game, build your strategy to purchase and schedule your engines in order to do your business of moving goods across the nation. With Rail Nation, you can build a railway empire within your browser. This MMO game offer you the opportunity to develop strategies with other players in order to achieve your objective of controling the rail system. Another unique feature of Rail Nation is that the 6 Eras advance wether you were playing or not. As server time passes, you might come back to the game to find that it has progressed the the next era with differnt trains and different goods to transport. 

Rail Nation key features:

  • Tactical Strategy Gameplay: train simulation of the American rail system 
  • Unlock New Tech: as you advance in the game you can unlock new technologies
  • Buy and Upgrade Trains: variety of choice of trains
  • Game Map: the game extends to  across the United States of America.
  • Two Factions: you can either join the Pacific Railroad or the Atlantic Railway.